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Fuel up your app growth by identifying the best possible audience fit, through key questions, with the help of our experts.

Marketability Analyzis

Getting an initial sense of where your product concept and audience fit sits can be done as a stand-alone test between several ideas or by comparing your idea to a rival or a past effort.

Theme Tests

Ideal for validating why there might be market prospects in various locations, whether it's an opportunity or a confirmed disaster, most commonly varying between different ages and levels of fact and fiction.

Art Tests

Ideal for determining which art styles perform best with your intended demographic. Tests could be comprehensive, treatment-specific, or character-specific.

Feature Tests

Gives you insight into which core performs best in terms of top-of-the-funnel metrics. It could be, for example, different cores in a game (merge vs match 3 vs 1010)

Motivation Tests

Understanding which motives (we use quantic foundry) are most effective with your target audience can be done at any point in the product's lifecycle.

KSP Tests

Finding the finest techniques to promote your product and motivate your audience may be done at any point in the lifecycle of a product.

How we'd work together

Easy, structured process to success.

We've built a structure and certainty, to often unstructured and uncertain processes.

The beginningStarting Point

1. Kick Off

We learn about the product, as well as all preceding material, in terms of target audience, product vision, and product stage. If possible, we use or play with the product to better understand what motivations and KSPs it may have.

Most importantly, we go through the goals.

Done as a web-based meeting.

Getting closer to our goal5 days

2. Research

We do our research depending on the kick-off.

Its material will change depending on the campaign's goal.

The study concentrates on major selling elements, the market, art, and subject, as well as motives.

The end result is a readily shareable e-book that does not disclose secrets of the campaign.

Decide where we aim at3 days

3. Hypotheses

We generate hypotheses for 2-4 variants based on the research and goal.

We have another meeting after we've completed both research and hypotheses to go over everything we've done thus far.

Giving the tools for success7-14 days

4. Visuals

4.1 Visual Briefs
For each of the visuals required on the test, we may create visual briefs.
The briefs detail exactly what to do to ensure that the hypotheses are sold correctly.

4.2 Visual Production
Our professionals can also create visuals from the ground up.
Our technical capabilities range from simple 2D to complex 3D.

Acquiring the users7-14 days

5. Running the Campaign

Our marketing experts can set up campaigns on Geeklab as well as any advertising channel of your choice.

Shedding light on the outcomesEnd of Campaign

6. Result

The tests are supported not only by performance data, but also by a variety of other metrics such as behavior, engagement, and demographics.

Download a free sample of a research e-book.

starting from
per campaign
  • Starting from One campaign of your choice
  • Competitor Research
  • Visual Briefs
  • Possibility for Campaign management
  • Possibility for Visual Production
Start Ups
  • To get funded
  • 50% paid upfront, 50% after funding is secured
  • Including Competitor Research
  • Including Campaign management
  • Including Platform subscription

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