Identical copy cat games: Example of Let's Farm and Hay Day

Posted on Feb 16th 2021 by Miira Vehviläinen

I wrote a post on Hay Day back in 2020, which contained my opinions on the game. Over time the game has turned out to be my favorite mobile game of all time. Now I suddenly came across a game very similar to Hay Day; Let's Farm. I downloaded the game due to its screenshots in App Store which by the look of them seemed identical to Hay Day and it caught my eye. After trying out the game for a few hours, I came to the conclusion, that Let's Farm is in fact identical to Hay Day, which has been published two years prior to Let's Farm. According to SensorTower, the monthly amount of downloads in January 2021 is very different among these two games. Below I have presented the similarities by placing Let's Farm screens on the top left.

These screenshots in below from SensorTower show that users are not feeling the copy cat game. A game which is pretty much identical to another, would need something extra to win the competition. However, the comments show that Hay Day obviously offers even more and leaves Let's Farm lacking on the exciting and fun parts of the game.

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