By Jesse Lempiäinen

4 steps to find the best name for your game

What is the best game name? What game names can drive you the best search rankings? Top 10 mobile game names?Validating a game name is why we founded Geeklab in

Tutorials · Sep 15th

By Jason Lempiäinen

Campaign Details

OverviewTrafficVisualsEngagementCompareCampaign details provide you with all of the data points you need to make the right decisions, whether you are in the con

Tutorials · Aug 23rd

By Jason Lempiäinen

Facebook campaign step by step

We understand how challenging running a Facebook ad campaign can be. So here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Before getting started make sure you have

Tutorials · Aug 18th

By Jason Lempiäinen

How to create your first campaign?

How to create your first campaign?GeneralTextVisualsOptionalAttributionTracking linksEdit campaign afterwardsHere you'll find a short tutorial on how to create

Tutorials · Aug 10th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Geeklab's taxonomy

Follow our brief introduction to Geeklab's taxonomy, to help you better navigate when running tests with our platform. At Geeklab, we've played with a lot of dif

Tutorials · Apr 24th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Geeklab API Documentation

🚀 API DocumentationGeeklab API is created to allow Geeklab developers and users to access their apps, campaigns, and campaign results. The API requires a uni

Tutorials · Mar 11th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Facebook Pixel and iOS 14.5 with Geeklab

With Apple's iOS 14 and its privacy updates, the Facebook pixel will cease to exist as it is. Facebook quite recently communicated that it will limit conversion

Tutorials · Mar 1st

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