By Jason Lempiäinen

Update: Campaign Builder

We updated our Campaign builder with help of your awesome suggestions. On this post you'll learn about the update. 1. DraftsWhen starting off, you have the optio

What's New · Dec 9th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

New: AppGallery Support

For a long time, the mobile industry was dominated by two major marketplaces: Google Play and the iOS App Store. However, there is a new kid on the block who de

What's New · Sep 15th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

What's New: Geeklab 2021 H1

Our users may have noticed a lot of changes and improvements to the platform over the last few months. We've been able to push at least one major update to the

What's New · Jul 19th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

NEW: Demographics

The vast majority of use in Geeklab is centered on concept validation, with users looking for answers to questions such as what would be the best theme or art-s

What's New · Jul 6th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

NEW: Review Groups

Our first of two significant June updates was released on the 7th of June, just in time for Apple's WWDC2021. This time, we concentrated on one of the most freq

What's New · Jun 8th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

New: Geeklab Free for life

We've been blessed to work with the biggest developers in the world, to start-ups that have their eyes on the million dollar valuation. Even tho there is good v

What's New · Apr 26th

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