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By Miira Vehviläinen

Identical copy cat games: Example of Let's Farm and Hay Day

Other · Feb 16th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Facebook Pixel and iOS 14.5 with Geeklab

Tutorials · Mar 1st

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Case Study: How Rovio decreased their user acquisition cost by 20%

Case Studies · May 20th

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By Jason Lempiäinen

Update: Campaign Builder

We updated our Campaign builder with help of your awesome suggestions. On this post you'll learn about the update. 1. DraftsWhen starting off, you have the optio

What's New · Dec 9th

By Jason Lempiäinen

Common A/B testing mistakes and how to avoid them

It can be frustrating to run an A/B testing campaign and not see the results you expect. Don't worry! Most of the time, simple adjustments can be applied to imp

Other · Nov 15th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Future of Mobile Marketing: Custom Marketing Funnels

We've had this problem with iOS mobile marketing for a long time. . . Users may discover your app through word-of-mouth, organic search, featuring, or any of the p

Other · Nov 5th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

Apple's Social Marketing Tool & iOS15

On the Apple iOS front, it's been a big week for mobile marketing. The Apple vs. Epic battle has come to an end, leaving Fortnite fans bemused as the game remai

Other · Sep 28th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

4 steps to find the best name for your game

What is the best game name? What game names can drive you the best search rankings? Top 10 mobile game names?Validating a game name is why we founded Geeklab in

Tutorials · Sep 15th

By Jesse Lempiäinen

New: AppGallery Support

For a long time, the mobile industry was dominated by two major marketplaces: Google Play and the iOS App Store. However, there is a new kid on the block who de

What's New · Sep 15th

By Miira Vehviläinen

Tips for better user experience

Music and sound effectsMusic and sound effects are popular, especially among games, however, bear in mind that individuals have different perspectives abou

Other · Sep 10th

By Miira Vehviläinen

Merge Cube - Finding out the hype

Comparison to the game 2048This game quickly brought up a memory, and it didn't take long for me to recall a game named 2048. This game was released in 2014, wh

Other · Sep 8th

By Miira Vehviläinen

ASO Guide: App Icons

Icons may be a difficult task to develop. The size speaks for itself; you don't have much space to work with. But that's the fun of it: how do you make somethin

Other · Aug 30th

By Jason Lempiäinen

Campaign Details

OverviewTrafficVisualsEngagementCompareCampaign details provide you with all of the data points you need to make the right decisions, whether you are in the con

Tutorials · Aug 23rd

By Miira Vehviläinen

App News of the Week 20.8.

The Next step in Facebook's messaging integration plan is End-to-End encryption for MessengerWith the inclusion of end-to-end encryption for audio and video con

Other · Aug 20th

By Jason Lempiäinen

Facebook campaign step by step

We understand how challenging running a Facebook ad campaign can be. So here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Before getting started make sure you have

Tutorials · Aug 18th

By Miira Vehviläinen

Tips and Tricks for Instagram

Adjust your settings to approve tagged photos before they show up in your profileYou may select whether or not the images and videos you’ve been tagged in-dis

Other · Aug 17th

By Miira Vehviläinen

The Similarities of Platforms: New Features

TikTok is testing the Stories featureTikTok is experimenting with 24-hour ephemeral ”Stories”, which originates from Snapchat and has thus spread onto platf

Other · Aug 11th

By Jason Lempiäinen

How to create your first campaign?

How to create your first campaign?GeneralTextVisualsOptionalAttributionTracking linksEdit campaign afterwardsHere you'll find a short tutorial on how to create

Tutorials · Aug 10th

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